Washington D.C.

The Law Center’s proximity to the Supreme Court, Capitol, federal agencies and international organizations makes it an ideal place to study and teach the law. Many on our faculty have served in top government posts and helped shape national policy — giving us a hands-on expertise unmatched by law schools elsewhere. The city also enriches the opportunities we can provide to students, who serve in an astounding variety of clinics, externships and fellowships. 

Much that happens in the law revolves around institutions in Washington, D.C., which is a center of both national and international lawmaking. In those orbits, Georgetown Law exerts its own gravitational pull, attracting experts from across town and around the world. The Center for National Security and the Law, the O’Neill Institute for National and Global Health Law and the Georgetown Climate Center, to name just a few, serve as headquarters for experts working in these fields. The Supreme Court Institute moots more than 90 percent of the cases heard by the Court each year. Top leaders in law and business frequently serve as adjuncts, and each semester brings distinguished visitors, including senators, congressmen, cabinet members, judges and scholars. Don’t be surprised to see a Supreme Court justice holding court at a conference on campus.

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