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It’s an era of global legal practice, and our graduates are prepared for it. J.D. and LL.M. students come to Georgetown from all over the world — 67 countries, at latest count — for a superior legal education that transcends national boundaries. With 250 foreign-trained lawyers in our LL.M. program, the Georgetown student body is truly transnational. Initiatives like the Center for Transnational Legal Studies in London, which includes leading law schools from almost 20 countries, offer unique opportunities for overseas study. At Georgetown, students can investigate and report on human rights abuses overseas or work on an international document to protect migrants through the elite Global Law Scholars program.

Our alumni include global law firm leaders, foreign judges and professors at universities across six continents. Whether serving on an international court in The Hague, changing laws for women in Africa or running for president of the Ukraine, our graduates share their knowledge with a global audience. We are recognized around the world as a premier place to study international and transnational law.

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