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At Georgetown, we take pride in our Jesuit heritage — and in our motto: “Law is but the means, justice is the end.” This dedication to public service means that our professors start new clinics and provide legal help to those without representation. It means that our students and alumni represent clients pro bono, run for public office or start nonprofit organizations around the world. The Office of Public Interest and Community Service — one of the few stand-alone public interest career centers in the country — coordinates numerous government and public interest placements and fosters a lifelong commitment to service among our students.

In fact, public service at Georgetown begins the first week of the first year, with orientation opportunities to visit the elderly, feed the hungry or give back in other ways. The Law Center also provides scholarships, loan repayment assistance, fellowships or summer funding to make such choices possible. The Public Interest Law Scholars Program and Public Interest Fellows Program offer exceptional opportunities to students dedicating their careers to serving others.

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