Required Courses

Legal Skills and Concepts

Brief coverage is given to factors bearing on choice of organization, including partnership attributes, process of corporate formation, corporate privileges and powers, corporate capital structure, and limited liability. Close examination is given to the governance structure of the corporation and the fiduciary obligations of directors and officers.

Federal Income Taxation
This is an introductory course in federal income taxation which considers the principles and policies of the Internal Revenue Code regarding the taxation of individuals and businesses.

Corporate Taxation 
This course examines income tax aspects of the formation and liquidation of corporations and interim distributions to shareholders. It also concerns the sale of a business operated in corporate form.

Securities Regulation 
This course involves the study of the disclosure philosophy of the federal securities laws and the nature and regulation of the securities markets. The relevant statutes are the Securities Act of 1933 and the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.

Business Skills and Concepts

Business Essentials: A Mini-MBA for Lawyers 
This course is focused on providing a basic understanding of the theory and skills in areas of general management, leadership, strategic thinking, sales, marketing, finance, operations, technology, entrepreneurship, negotiations, and personal career management.

Leadership and Communication (In Development)

Negotiations Seminar 
This seminar is an interactive workshop designed to teach the practice and principles of joint problem-solving and to improve students' negotiating skills. Students will be expected to read, write, discuss, critique, and participate in simulated disputes, both in and outside of class.

Quantitative Skills and Concepts

Accounting for Lawyers, Basic Accounting for Lawyers, or Financial Reporting and Accounting
Each course introduces students to the basic elements of financial statements and how the financial statements can provide information on the operations, prospects, and financial condition of a business or entity. To learn more about each of the accounting courses, follow the links above.

Business and Financial Basics for Lawyers 
This course covers basic business concepts including financial accounting, core financial concepts, and basic categories of financial instruments.

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