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2017-18 J.D. Externship Program Student Extern Manual

For a complete overview of all J.D. Externship Program policies, requirements, and procedures, please read the 2017-18 Student Extern Manual

Spring 2018 Rule 304(c) Agreement

For field placement programs, including law school externship programs, the ABA requires:

a written understanding among the student, faculty member, and a person in authority at the field placement that describes … the substantial lawyering experience and opportunities for performance, feedback, and self-evaluation [the student extern will receive]; and … the respective roles of faculty and any site supervisor in supervising the student and in assuring the educational quality of the experience for the student[.] ABA Standard 304(c)(iii) (2016)

Accordingly, Georgetown Law requires every student to submit a fully executed Rule 304(c) Agreement, i.e., all required signatures included, via his/her seminar’s Canvas page to receive credit for their participation in the J.D. Externship Program.

The Rule 304(c) Agreement must be signed by the primary person who will serve as your field supervisor during the externship, and that person must be “a licensed attorney or an individual otherwise qualified to supervise.” Georgetown Law defines “an individual otherwise qualified to supervise” as someone qualified to assign, review, and give substantive feedback on a student’s legal or policy work.

**For Spring 2018, the Rule 304(c) Agreement must be submitted, via Canvas, on or before Monday, January 22 to remain enrolled in the spring Extenship Program.**

NOTE: When sending the Rule 304(c) Agreement to your field supervisor, you should also send along the CACE Manual for Extern Supervisors. Field supervisors must receive a copy of the CACE Manual before signing the Rule 304(c) Agreement.

The Spring 2018 Rule 304(c) Agreement is available here.

CACE Manual for Extern Supervisors

Our field supervisors play a vital role in the J.D. Externship Program in terms of helping prepare our students for the practice of law. To assist participating field supervisors in effectively carrying out their supervisory duties, the Capital Area Consortium on Externships (CACE), which Georgetown Law is part of, created the CACE Manual for Extern Supervisors – Best Practices.

Students should provide both the CACE Manual and the Rule 304(c) Agreement to their field supervisors at the same time. Field supervisors must receive a copy of the CACE Manual before signing the Rule 304(c) Agreement.

The CACE Manual for Extern Supervisors – Best Practices is available here.

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