Georgetown Law's experiential education program provides students the opportunity to simultaneously study the doctrine and theory of law in the classroom, experience law in action through work with our faculty and at hundreds of organizations around Washington D.C., and reflect on what they learn with some of the leading practitioners in the legal field.  Learning takes place through a continuous, self-reinforcing process that is both academically rigorous and experientially rich.

We offer four distinct types of experiential courses –clinics, practicum courses, externships, and simulations. In all of these courses, students gain exposure to legal doctrine, theory, skills, and ethics. They have repeated opportunities to perform in a legal setting (or, for a simulation course, in a simulated legal setting) and get feedback on their performances.  And they have the opportunity to reflect on their work and to engage in self-evaluation.  Simply put, experiential courses allow students to experience the law in three dimensions –to use knowledge gained in the classroom to engage in the world.

Georgetown Law's location, just steps from the U.S. Capitol, Supreme Court, and numerous other governmental and non-governmental agencies, gives our students unparalleled access to those places where the law is made and enforced.  With more than 2,000 seats in experiential courses each year, all Georgetown Law students are guaranteed the opportunity to take an experiential course in every one of their upperclass semesters, should they want.

And so, each semester, our program supports more than 1,000 Georgetown Law students who learn from our expert faculty in the classroom, fan out across Washington D.C. to engage in cutting-edge legal work, and are given the opportunity to think about how these experiences fit in with their emerging professional identities.  Through this process –of studying, acting, and reflecting –participants in our experiential program develop from law students into legal professionals.

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