TheAppellate Courts Immersion Clinic handles a wide range of public-interest appellate litigation – from civil rights to consumer law to access-to-justice issues to environmental law, to name a few. As its name indicates, the clinic will involve Georgetown law students in a concentrated, immersive experience.

Clinic students are enrolled full-time for an entire semester litigating actual appeals and take a co-requisite course on the law of the appellate courts, both under the supervision of the clinic's director and litigation fellow. Students are required to work not only on their "own" cases, but to collaborate intensively on their classmates' cases. In this way, students have significant input on a range of cases over the semester and leave the clinic with an appreciation of what it means to be a generalist appellate practitioner.

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Clinic Logistics

Credits: 12
Duration: Semester Long
No. of Participants:
6 students/semester
Open to:
3Ls, 4Es and 2nd semester 2Ls
Avg. Time Commitment:
42 hours/week

Client Work

The Appellate Courts Immersion Clinic handles complex public-interest appeals. Because the Clinic launched in January 2017, we are able to provide information on our litigation for only two semesters. However, the Clinic director – Brian Wolfman – previously directed the Civil Rights clinic at Georgetown's Institute for Public Representation (IPR), which did both trial-court and appellate litigation. In that capacity, he mentored teams of Georgetown Law students handling a range of complex public-interest appeals similar to those now being handled by the Appellate Courts Immersion Clinic. Therefore we provide a list of some of our litigation from fall and spring semesters 2017 followed by a partial list of IPR appeals.

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