D.C. Student Bar Certification

Students who participate in the following clinics must be certified to engage in the limited practice of law in the District of Columbia under the D.C. Student Practice Rule:

  • Appellate Couts Immersion Clinic (Possibly. See clinic director for more information). 
  • Appellate Litigation Clinic (Possibly. See clinic director for more information). 
  • Civil Rights Clinic
  • Criminal Defense and Prisoner Advocacy Clinic
  • Criminal Justice Clinic
  • Domestic Violence Clinic
  • Health Justice Alliance
  • IPR: Civil Rights Clinic
  • IPR: Environmental Law Clinic
  • International Women’s Human Rights Clinic
  • Juvenile Justice Clinic
  • Policy Clinic: Climate Change, Health, Human Rights and Trade (Harrison Institute)
  • Social Enterprise and Nonprofit Law Clinic
  • Law Students in Court 

To become bar certified, students must:

  1. Electronically complete all sections of the court’s application that are highlighted in yellow, print it out single-sided on 8.5” by 11” paper, and return it to the clinic director by the due date provided.  

  2. Answer this series of questions, gather any relevant supporting documentation, print everything out, and return it to the clinic director by the due date provided.  The vast majority of affirmative answers will not stand in the way of Student Bar Certification, but disclosure is required nonetheless.  All responses will be reviewed by the clinic director, kept securely on file with the Assistant or Associate Dean of Experiential Education, and may be shared with the Dean when he completes p. 3 of the court’s application. 

Students who have questions about this process should contact Patrick Griffith, Director of Clinical Programs, at

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