Individualized Proposal

Applicants to the program must submit a detailed study proposal along with the standard LL.M. application. The proposal should clearly state the applicant's academic objectives and include a detailed list of J.D. or LL.M. courses that the candidate would like to take at the Law Center in order to meet those objectives. The list of desired courses should comprise a program of study of 24 credits. In addition, this list should include several alternate courses.

The Graduate Admissions Committee will consider the study proposal as an integral part of the application for admission. If an applicant is determined to be highly qualified for admission, the committee will consider whether the proposal presents a coherent, focused plan of advanced study and whether the Law Center will be able to provide the program requested.

Proposals combining related courses from the specialized graduate degree programs are usually approved. Where a proposal includes a significant number of J.D. courses, however, the committee will consider past enrollment experience in determining the chances that a graduate student will be able to enroll in the courses. J.D. students have priority for all J.D. courses, and LL.M. students may enroll only after all J.D. students have been accommodated. This is the policy of the Law Center even where an approved individual LL.M. plan of study has included a specific J.D. course or seminar. Past experience has shown that most eventually open up to LL.M. enrollment but that LL.M. students desiring J.D. courses must be both patient and flexible during the registration process. For this reason, admission may be denied where it appears that the proposed plan of study will be too difficult to achieve.

Refer to the listed courses on the curriculum guide for a full listing of courses offered by the Law Center.

Students applying for the Individualized LL.M. may also apply to receive a certificate in International Human Rights Law, International Arbitration and Dispute Resolution, WTO Studies, or Refugees and Humanitarian Emergencies in combination with the LL.M. degree.  Applicants with relevant interests and backgrounds for any particular certificate program should include a discussion of them in their personal statement for Admissions.

Applicants to the program also are eligible to take one (1) Graduate Independent Research (GIR) during their academic program.  A GIR is two (2) academic credits and requires a 25 page paper.  If you plan to register for a GIR, you should submit a proposal with a tentative paper topic.  In addition, please keep in mind that LL.M. students are limited to 13 credit hours per semester. Waivers to exceed the 13 credit hour limit are only granted in extraordinary circumstances.

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