Dual Degree Programs

Together with leading universities around the world, Georgetown offers its LL.M. students opportunities to obtain a second degree in a way that allows students to receive credit for the Georgetown LL.M. at both universities. The range of opportunities is unique to Georgetown, including partnerships with one of the world's highest ranked business schools and elite law schools. Unless otherwise noted, all classes are conducted in English.

Consider combining your Georgetown LL.M. with one of these degrees:

M.B.A. from HEC-ParisApplicants must have a degree in law and at least three years of professional experience. Students will spend the first year studying the core requirements of HEC's flagship MBA program including English language proficiency, leadership development and career-building components of the curriculum. The second year will be spent at Georgetown Law, undertaking either a specialized or general LL.M. program. Graduates will receive both the MBA degree from HEC and the LL.M. from Georgetown upon completion of the two-year program.

Masters in Management from HEC-ParisApplicants must have a bachelor's degree. The first year will be spent at HEC taking the necessary core and elective courses for the first year of the Masters in Management curriculum and the second year at Georgetown studying a specialized or general LL.M course offered by the Law Center. Once the two years are complete, graduates will receive a Grande Ecole Master's degree in Management and Business Law from HEC as well as an LL.M. from Georgetown.

LL.M. in International Arbitration and Dispute Resolution from Tsinghua Law School in BeijingLL.M. students at Georgetown have the opportunity to study international arbitration from Professor Anne Marie Whitesell and then obtain credit at Tsinghua towards its degree with a concentration in Asian and Chinese arbitration law. Alternatively, students can enter the Tsinghua program and obtain a year's credit toward that degree from earning an LL.M. at Georgetown.

Masters in International Affairs from Sciences Po in ParisThis dual degree is ideal for individuals who wish to combine their law studies with careers in international affairs and is open to students of any nationality. Students spend their first year in Paris and apply through the Sciences Po website.

Masters of Public Health from Johns HopkinsStudents spend their first year in residence at Johns Hopkins School of Public Health completing the Masters of Public Health (M.P.H.) component of the joint degree program. The second year is spent at Georgetown completing the LL.M. in Global Health Law, which satisfies the remainder of the M.P.H. degree requirements as well.

In addition to the dual degree programs, Georgetown offers a unique joint degree program with the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies for advanced students of global health law and policy: the LL.M. in Global Health Law and International Institutions. Students begin their coursework at Georgetown on a full- or part-time basis. After completion of one full-time semester or up to three part-time semesters at Georgetown, students will complete the program with a full-time spring semester at the Graduate Institute.

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