Diane Webber, S.J.D. '14

LL.B., University of London; LL.M., Certificate in National Security Law, Georgetown; S.J.D., Georgetown

Diane is a British solicitor and has worked in London in private practice, focusing on criminal law (particularly white collar fraud), employment and discrimination law, and sports and entertainment law. Her dissertation was entitled "Extraordinary Measures - A Comparative Approach to Crafting a New Legal Framework for Preventive Detention of Suspected Terrorists."

  • Preventive Detention n the Law of Armed Conflict: Throwing Away the Key" 6 J. Nat'l Security L. & Pol'y 167 (2012) [SSRN]
  • Education as a Counterterrorism Tool and the Curious Case of the Texas School Book Resolution, 11 U. Md. L. J. Race, Religion, Gender & Class 271 (2011). [SSRN]
  • Can We Find and Stop the 'Jihad Janes'?, 19 Cardozo J. of Int'l & Comp. L. 91 (2011) [SSRN] [L]
  • Extreme Measures: Does the U.S. Need Preventive Detention to Combat Domestic Terrorism? A Comparison of Preventive Detention Models in U.S., U.K., France & Israel. 14 Touro Int'l. L. Rev. 128 (2010) [SSRN]
Diane Webber

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