Lisa Eckstein, S.J.D. '13

Lisa is working under the supervision of Professor Larry Gostin. Her dissertation investigates the role of community engagement strategies in promoting scientifically and ethically robust research with minority racial and ethnic groups. Prior to commencing her S.J.D., she was a legal officer at the Australia Law Reform Commission - the Australian Government's premier legal think tank. She has also worked in genetics and research policy for a range of Australian state and federal health departments.

  • Lisa Eckstein, Engaging Racial and Ethnic Groups in the Regulation of Research: Lessons from Research in Emergency Settings, Houston Journal of Health Law and Policy (2012) (forthcoming) [SSRN]
  • Lisa Eckstein, Beyond Racial and Ethnic Analyses in Clinical Research: A Proposed Model for Institutional Review Boards, 66(2) Food and Drug Law Journal (2011) 243-265 [SSRN] [L]
Lisa Eckstein

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