Yousef T. Jabareen, S.J.D. '03

Founding Director, Arab Center for Law and Policy, Dirasat

LL.B., Hebrew University; S.J.D., Georgetown

Dr. Jabareen is a human rights scholar, lawyer, and community activist. In addition to serving as director of the Arab Center for Law and Policy, he teaches courses on law and social change, minority rights, and the legal status of Palestinians at the University of Haifa and Tel Aviv University.

Selected Publications
  • Constitution Building and Equality in Deeply-Divided Societies: The Case of the Arab Minority in Israel, 26 Wis. Int'l L.J. 345 (2008)
  • Towards a Participatory Equality: Protecting Minority Rights Under International Law, 41 Israel L. Rev. 635 (2008)
  • Law, Minority and Transformation: A Critique and Rethinking of Civil Rights Doctrine, 46 Santa Clara L. Rev. 513 (2006)

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