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Students interested in pursuing interdisciplinary study outside Georgetown Law's established joint degree programs should contact the Office of J.D. Academic Services at (202) 662-9041. With the approval of the Director of J.D. Programs, Georgetown Law will permit J.D. students to pursue a concurrent graduate degree at another institution. Before registering for any concurrent coursework, a student must submit a written "Concurrent Degree Proposal Worksheet" to the Office of J.D. Academic Services and make an advising appointment with the Director of J.D. Programs to discuss the requirements for the J.D. degree and the plan for meeting those requirements concurrently with another graduate degree. If permission is granted, the Law Center will accept toward the J.D. degree a maximum of 6 credits earned in a non-law graduate degree program after the first year of law school. Please note that the credits earned through an approved concurrent degree program will not count toward the 54 academic credits that all J.D. students must earn at the Law Center. 

In order for the concurrent degree credits to be transferred, the student must arrange for an official copy of the concurrent degree transcript to be sent to the Law Center's Office of the Registrar. The courses taken in the concurrent degree program will not be included on the student's Law Center transcript and the grades earned in the concurrent degree program do not count towards the student's Law Center cumulative grade point average. The J.D. degree will be conferred once all J.D. requirements are completed.

Lastly, concurrent degree students will be charged a one-time $200.00 visiting away fee by the Law Center.

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