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The Transfer Student Peer Mentor Program provides incoming J.D. transfer students with an upperclass mentor during the summer and the first year at the Law Center. Partnering with the J.D. Academic Services Office, the primary goals of the program are to support transfer students as they make the transition to Georgetown Law, to help them navigate and make the most of the many opportunities available at the Law Center, and to foster community and camaraderie among the transfer students and throughout the Law Center. Peer Mentors are typically third-year J.D. students who have transferred to Georgetown Law in the previous year, but fourth-year J.D. students are also encouraged to apply.


Transfer Student Peer Mentors are expected to:

  1. Participate in a 2–3 Peer Mentor training sessions and planning meetings before the end of this Spring Semester.
  2. Contact incoming transfer students during the summer to welcome them to the Law Center and answer questions they may have about Georgetown Law and Washington, D.C.
  3. Attend the Transfer Student Welcome Lunch during the first week of EIW in August.
  4. Attend the Transfer Student Orientation session on Monday, August 21, 2017. Participation in other orientation activities offered that week, such as campus tours, service projects, informal social events and advice sessions may be required.
  5. Refer incoming transfer students to appropriate counseling or administrative resources if they are having academic or personal difficulties (resource guides will be provided).
  6. Communicate regularly with assigned transfer students, including sending periodic emails and being available throughout the summer and the fall semester to answer questions on topics such as EIW, summer job searches, course selection, exams, and student organizations.
  7. Attend regular check-in meetings with J.D. Academic Services in the fall semester.
  8. Be available to share wisdom and experience with the following year's Peer Mentors in the Spring semester.

Time Commitment

April–May: Approximately 2–3 half-hour training/planning sessions with J.D. Academic Services and/or the 2016–2017 Peer Mentors.

June–July:2 hours per week on average mentoring incoming transfer students via email and/or telephone.

August Orientation:Approximately 6–10 hours, including (a) attending the Transfer Student Orientation session on Monday, August 21, 2017, and (b) participating in activities such as campus tours, service projects, informal social events, and advice sessions.

Fall Semester:1–2 hours per week on average mentoring incoming transfer students. The demands may be heavier in the summer and beginning of the fall semester as well as leading up to exams.

Spring Semester: 1–2 short meetings with J.D. Academic Services and the 2017–2018 Peer Mentors.


Transfer Student Peer Mentors will receive a modest stipend. The stipend is to recognize the significant contributions Peer Mentors make to the Law Center during their service, but is not intended to be hourly compensation. We are looking for candidates who are seeking this position because they have a commitment to improving the Transfer experience, mentoring students, fostering community, and giving back to the Law Center.



  • Upperclass student entering the 3L, 3E, or 4E year in 2017–2018.
  • Maturity, good judgment, and willingness to listen.
  • Thoughtfulness about the challenges and opportunities transfer students face.
  • A commitment to building community at the Law Center.
  • Ability to carry out all Peer Mentor responsibilities (described above), especially keeping in touch with and being available to mentees.


  • Background in peer advising, student government, residence or student life (in college or otherwise), teaching and/or counseling.
  • High level of engagement in the life of the Law Center.


If you have questions about the Transfer Student Peer Mentor role or application, please contact Emily Wack, Director, J.D. Programs, at

Applications due by Friday, February 17, 2017

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