Ad Hoc Semester Abroad

Application Procedures, Approval Criteria, and Credit Transfer

Students who participate in the ad hoc study abroad programs are generally not eligible to receive financial assistance.  For details, please consult with the Financial Aid Office. Students who wish to study abroad for a semester on an ad hoc basis must submit an application and supporting documentation to the Office of Transnational Programs (OTP) via OTP's online application system.

To apply, click here and select "apply now" to create an account.  If you have already created an account for another study abroad program, click here to login and start a new application.

Application Deadline: February 24, 2016

Selection Criteria: Previously Demonstrated Interest.  Students must show through their application that their proposed ad hoc program of study will substantially advance a previously demonstrated academic or professional interest in a manner that would not be possible by enrolling in a Georgetown-sponsored study abroad program. (This is a higher standard than that applied to other study abroad applications.)

Additional Requirement: Ad Hoc Addendum. As part of the online application, students must complete an "Ad Hoc Addendum." This form requires the student to undertake substantial research into the foreign law program with regard to contact information, academic calendar, standard course load, grading methods, examination policies, and other issues.

Based on the information in the student's application, the Law Center will evaluate the specific overseas law program in which the student proposes to participate. Such evaluation will consider topics that include the faculty and curriculum available to the Georgetown Law student and the administrative infrastructure available to support their studies. Please note that the Law Center's past approval of a particular ad hoc program does not guarantee that similar requests in the future will be approved.

Transferring Credits from an Ad Hoc Study Abroad Program

The Office of Transnational Programs will review a proposed ad hoc study abroad program to determine how many credits may be transferred back. As a general matter, in conformance with the ABA's Criteria for Student Study at a Foreign Institution, the Law Center will transfer back 12 credits for work judged to be a standard course load at the foreign law school. 

The Law Center will not, under any circumstances, accept more than 12 credits from any non-Georgetown overseas program or combination of programs. This limit applies to students who enroll in both a non-Georgetown summer study abroad program and an ad hoc study abroad program. Thus, for example, a student who has earned 4 credits at a non-Georgetown summer study abroad program may transfer only 8 more credits from an ad hoc semester abroad program.

A student who is accepted into and participates in an ad hoc program will be expected upon their return to submit a report of five pages or more that includes, among other items: a discussion of whether the student's goals for participating were achieved; a description and evaluation of each course taken; a description and evaluation of other important academic, cultural, and social experiences; experiences in obtaining housing; and a discussion of any other matters the student thinks important. 

Additional Requirements

  • Clear account balance prior to departure.
  • No credit for overseas clinical work, externships, language or other non-law classes. 
  • Upper-class writing assignment must be completed at the Law Center.
  • Must pay an ad hoc administrative fee of $500.

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