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Fall 2018 Academic Calendar

Confirmed dates for 2018 will be provided to admitted students over the summer, typically in July.  However, the academic calendar generally adheres to the following schedule.

  • End of August-Beginning of September:  Spanish Language Course & Orientation
  • September - December:  Fall semester courses
  • Week before Christmas break:  Exams

Available Courses

A list of course offerings for 2018 will be available in July. The following courses were accepted for Georgetown credit in the past:

Analisis de Estados Financieros
Analysis of the Jurisprudence of the European Courts (ECJ and ECHR) in the Respect of Fundamental Rights
Comparative Business Corporate Law
Comparative Constitutional Law
Comparative Law
Contratacion Internacional
Competition Law
Derecho de Sociedades, Fusiones y Adquisiciones
Derecho del Mercado (Competencia y Propiedad Intelectual)
Derecho y Negocios en Asia
Diplomatic & Consular Law & Practice
Economia Internacional
European Union Internal Market
Finance and Banking Law
Fiscalidad Internacional
Globalizacion y Mercados Emergentes
Intellectual Property, Patents, and Trademark
International Business Transactions
International Dispute Resolution
International Environmental Law
Negotiation Skills
Private M&A: Acquisitions and Joint Ventures
Real Estate
Sistema Financiaro, Banca y Seguros
Tort Law

Because course offerings may change from year to year, it is possible that not all eligible courses are listed above.  Participants in this program who wish to enroll in any course not listed above must contact the Office of Transnational Programs by email to request approval.  Participants should not expect to receive credit for courses that are not expressly approved by OTP.With some courses, exams are regularly scheduled after the Christmas holiday. In this case, students should speak to the professor at the beginning of the semester to arrange a date and time to take the exam in December.

Credit is awarded in accordance with the ABA's standard class formula (12.5 hours of class time including exam time, plus 30 hours of preparation and studying outside of class, per one credit hour.) Students may be asked to verify the number of minutes each course meets in order to confirm the number of credits that the student will receive upon completion of their study abroad program. See the Study Abroad Policy for details.

Courses at ESADE are graded on a scale of 0 to 10, with 10 being the highest grade, and 5.0 the minimum to pass.

Housing & Facilities

The International Exchange office at ESADE will provide a student guide with contact information for housing agencies and student residences in Barcelona. Students are expected to arrange their own housing for the semester with this information. There are also announcements on the ESADE Intranet (to which Georgetown students will have access) and student counselors who can help with the process.  

Details about accessibility in Barcelona are available here.

Information on library facilities available to students is available here.

Estimated Budget

The budget below represents amounts for 2017-2018.  

Expense Estimated Budget
Tuition $29,925
Health Insurance $2,710
Student Visa $100
Airfare $1,300
Rent $3,000
Books $250
Food $1,500
Local Transportation $264
Miscellaneous $1,480
Abroad Insurance $110
TOTAL $40,639

Admitted students will be provided with the contact information of ESADE's visa advisor.  

Contact for Admitted Students

Araceli Domenech
Law International Program Manager
ESADE Law School

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