Program Details

Fall 2018 (Melbourne Semester 2) Academic Calendar

  • July 16:  Exchange Student Enrollment Period (required)
  • July 18-20:  Orientation (required)
  • July 23:  Classes Begin
  • September 24-30:  Break
  • October 21:  Classes End
  • October 22-November 16:  Exams

Spring 2019 (Melbourne Semester 1) Academic Calendar

A spring 2019 calendar is not yet available, however it is expected to be similar to the 2018 calendar provided below.

  • February 16:  Exchange Student Enrollment
  • February 19-23:  Orientation
  • February 26:  Classes Begin
  • March 30-April 8:  Break
  • May 27:  Classes End
  • May 28-June 22:  Exams

Available Courses & Credit Information

Georgetown students who study at Melbourne Law School may enroll in any elective JD subjects with several exceptions. A list of exceptions, full details about course selection, and prerequisites are available online (scroll down to the Law Faculty section.)

A limited number of Melbourne's compulsory JD subjects are also available to incoming exchange students. In addition students may enroll in up to one MLM subject on a space available basis.  While course enrollments are not finalized until students arrive in Melbourne, exchange students interests are usual able to be accommodated.

Credits earned at Melbourne Law School are calculated in accordance with the ABA's standard class formula (12.5 hours of class time including exam time, plus 30 hours of out of class preparation and studying, per one credit hour.) Students may be asked to verify the number of minutes each course meets in order to confirm the number of credits that the student will receive upon completion of their semester abroad program. See the Study Abroad Policy for details.

Because new course offerings may not be publicized until the start of the term, it is possible that not all eligible courses are listed above.  Participants in this program who wish to enroll in any course not listed above must contact the Office of Transnational Programs by email to request approval.  Participants should not expect to receive credit for courses that are not expressly approved by OTP.

Information on grading and student assessment at Melbourne Law school is available here.

Housing & Facilities

Melbourne does not provide housing, but housing advice is available here - exchange students are eligible for the residential colleges and specialized housing packages outlined at that website.

Melbourne welcomes exchange students with disabilities. Further information can be requested from Student Equity and Disability Support (SEDS). The university asks that any student with a disability contact SEDS during the application process so that they can start making any necessary arrangements.

Learn about Melbourne's law library facilities.

Estimated Budget

The budget provided reflects spring 2015 amounts.  An updated budget for 2018-2019 will be posted as soon as it is available.

Expense Estimated Budget
Tuition $25,445
Health Insurance $2,175
Student Visa $0
Airfare $2,500
Rent $5,000
Utilities $300
Food $1,800
Local Transportation $550
Miscellaneous/Books $3,000
Abroad Insurance $140
TOTAL $40,910

Learn more about the cost of living in Melbourne.

Learn about student visas.

Contact for admitted students

Bradley Manson
Education Abroad Advisor

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