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The Georgetown Environmental Law and Policy Program provides unmatched expertise and opportunities for students to excel in the fields of environmental law, natural resources, land use, energy, food law, and more. Georgetown Law provides a diverse selection of courses on environmental issues for students pursuing either a J.D. degree or a one-year specialized LL.M. degree in environmental law. Georgetown J.D. candidates can also obtain the LL.M. by completing 12 additional credit hours. 

The Georgetown Climate Center based at Georgetown Law is a leading resource for state and federal government officials, academics, and stakeholders, producing legal and policy analysis both on reducing carbon pollution and on how communities can adapt to climate change. Students working with the Climate Center work with faculty, staff attorneys and outside clients on questions of climate change, energy, transportation and adaptation.

The environmental law faculty’s diverse expertise ranges from the global to local, from international environmental law to historic preservation and land use. Georgetown Law professors regularly assist in appellate and Supreme Court environmental and regulatory litigation such as the landmark case Massachusetts v. EPA. In addition to learning from full-time faculty and leading practitioners who teach as adjunct faculty, students develop practice-oriented skills through our clinical programs in environmental litigation at the Institute for Public Representation and policy at the Harrison Institute for Public Law as well as in practicum courses. A large and active Environmental Law Society arranges for speakers and networking events, and The Georgetown International Environmental Law Review provides opportunities for scholarly work.

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Environmental Law

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Faculty in the News

"DOJ, California Cities Spar Over Climate Nuisance Suits Before Key Hearing," coverage by InsideEPA/Climate, May 25, 2018, quoting Professor Lisa Heinzerling.

"Pruitt praised Scalia, but his actions sing a different tune," an opinion piece by Professor William W. Buzbee, on CNN, May 15, 2018.

"Scott Pruitt Praised And Reviled For 'Effectiveness,' But How Effective Is He?," coverage by NPR, May 10, 2018, quoting Professor Lisa Heinzerling.

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