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"New England Law | Boston to Enhance Technology and Innovation Curriculum in 2018," coverage by Morningstar, January 17, 2018, mentioning Professor Laura Donohue.

"Why Americans Aren’t Really Worried About War With North Korea," coverage by War on the Rocks, January 16, 2018, quoting Professor Rosa Brooks.

 "Paypal CEO Dan Schulman talks Fintech on Capitol Hill with Georgetown's Chris Brummer", coverage in The Daily Telescope, January 16, 2018, featuring Professor Chris Brummer

"Media, MDC formations and knowledgeable ignorance about civil-military relations," coverage in The Herald, January 12, 2018, quoting Professor Rosa Brook's Foreign Policy article.

"Surveillance Court Taps Georgetown Professor as Amicus," coverage by The National Law Journal, January 10, 2018, featuring Professor Laura Donohue.

"Mattis as defense secretary: What it means for us, for the military, and for Trump," coverage in Foreign Policy, December 26, 2017, featuring Professor Rosa Brooks.

The office of Congress Mark DeSaulnier (CA-11) quoted Professor Rosa Brooks regarding the first Department of Defense agency-wide audit, December 13, 2017.

"Sexual Violence: It’s Everybody’s Problem," an opinion piece by, December 12, 2017, quoting Professor Rosa Brooks.

"Could a law to bring down the mob be used in Weinstein case?" by the Denver Post, December 9, 2017, quoting Professor Julie O'Sullivan.

"Can Presidents Obstruct Justice? The Latest Trump Fight, Explained," coverage in The New York Times, December 4, 2017, featuring Professor Julie O'Sullivan.

"Mueller invites criticism by revealing taxpayers’ tab for Russia investigation," coverage in The Washington Times, December 4, 2017, featuring Professor Julie O'Sullivan.

"The #MeToo Moment Came Too Late for Anita Hill," coverage in The Daily Beast, December 4, 2017, featuring Professor Susan Deller Ross.

"#MeToo Is All Too Common in National Security," an opinion piece by Professor Rosa Brooks, appearing in Foreign Policy, November 29, 2017.

"U of T associate professor involved in lawsuit against Trump," coverage by University of Toronto, November 29, 2017, mentioning Professor John Mikhail.

"Law professor talks labor rights and trade agreements," coverage by The Daily Texan (Austin, Tex.), November 27, 2017, quoting Professor Alvaro Santos.

An interview with Professor Eleanor Holmes Norton (D.C. Del.) appears in The Washington Post, November 22, 2017. The article also mentions Professors Emma Jordan and Susan Deller Ross.

"Tax Reform Unpacked at Georgetown Law," coverage in Court House News, November 17, 2017, quoting Professors Itai Grinberg, Charles Gustafsan, Stephen Cohen and Associate Professor Lilian Faulhaber.

"How to Talk to a Veteran," coverage in War on the Rocks, November 7, 2017, featuring Professor Rosa Brooks.

"Trump’s Foreign Policy Is Pure Trump. And It’s Working For Him," coverage on NBC News, November 4, 2017, featuring Professor Rosa Brooks.

"The Potential Bombshell Hidden in the Mueller Indictments," coverage by Slate, October 30, 2017, quoting Professor Julie O'Sullivan.

 "Georgetown Law hosts First Annual Fintech Week", October 27, 2017, featuring Professor Chris Brummer. 

"Malta isn’t working," coverage in Malta Today, October 24, 2017, quoting Professor Rosa Brooks.

"Trump, Emoluments, and the Professoriate," an editorial in The Weekly Standard, October 24, 2017, mentioning Professor John Mikhail.

"Special Report: They Fled Danger for a High-Stakes Bet on U.S. Immigration Courts," by U.S.News & World Report, October 17, 2017, referencing a 2007 law center article "Refugee Roulette: Disparities in Asylum Adjudication" by authors Professor Philip Schrag and Professor from Practice Andrew Schoenholtz.

"The Donald Trump-Kaiser Wilhelm parallels are getting scary," coverage in The Chicago Tribune, October 13, 2017, featuring Professor Rosa Brooks.

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