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With respect to research, empirical scholarship on the profession is the Center’s signature focus.  Much of the discussion about modern law practice, and many decisions by students, law schools, lawyers, and persons in positions of authority, are based on anecdotes, stereotypes, and unexamined assumptions.  There is an urgent need for research that accurately describes salient features of modern practice settings, captures the rich texture of life in practice, and provides an analytical framework for understanding and anticipating emerging trends.  Such research can both contribute to the body of knowledge about the profession and help shape discussions about the future of law practice.

Our location in Washington, with its unparalleled legal community, provides an especially valuable opportunity to engage in and expand the boundaries of qualitative research.  The Center therefore aims in particular to develop expertise in this type of research by conducting empirical work ourselves and collaborating with other researchers.  Those researchers include other scholars, but they also include organizations such as professional research firms and consultants who have access to practitioners. 

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