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  • Indivar Dutta-Gupta, Director of the center's Project on Deep Poverty and Senior Fellow, was a featured panelist in the Opening Session of the National Academy of Social Insurance's annual conference this January. The panel, "What Do the Numbers Tell Us? A Review of the Data on Economic Disparities," also featured Jared Bernstein from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, James Pethokoukis of the American Enterprise Institute, and Ngina Chiteji from New York University, and was moderated by former Academy President G. Lawrence Atkins.
  • "If we are going to talk about economic inequality in our country, we have to talk about it all the way to the bottom ... not just go down as far as the middle class," said Faculty Director Peter Edelman, speaking at a Georgetown Law symposium on “Economic Inequality: Causes, Consequences and Responses” on December 4.
  • Read "Ten Solutions to Fight Economic Inequality" by Kali Grant, Program Assistant, and Indivar Dutta-Gupta, Director of the Project on Deep Poverty. 

  • Watch Faculty Director Peter Edelman talk about the intersection of poverty, employment, and religion with MSNBC's Tamron Hall (begins at 2:35).  
  • Read why we need to consider new strategies for helping low-income families succeed in the center's latest op-ed, "TANF's not all right," also cross-posted on the Coalition on Human Needs blog.

  • Click here to read Executive Director Rebecca Epstein’s op-ed in the Orange County Register on fighting sex trafficking.

  • Click here to read about inequality's impact on our democracy in "Why the Wealthy Always Win," by Indivar Dutta-Gupta, Director of the center's Project on Deep Poverty and Senior Fellow.


  • Hear Senior Fellow Indivar Dutta-Gupta discuss this report, as well as the center's interest in deep poverty, on We Act Radio's Breaking Through with Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner.
  • Read Senior Fellow Indivar Dutta-Gupta's comments on raising the minimum wage today in The Hoya.
  • Click here to read the three key steps that Indivar Dutta-Gupta, Director of the center's Project on Deep Poverty and Senior Fellow, recommends policymakers take to expand economic opportunity and security for people still struggling in this economy.

  • Click here to read Executive Director Rebecca Epstein’s op-ed on fighting sex trafficking, published in, a production of the Half in Ten Education Fund and the The Center for American Progress.

  • Click here to read Faculty Director Peter Edelman and Executive Director Rebecca Epstein’s op-ed in the Boston Globe, highlighting the Blueprint’s findings on the multidisciplinary effort to fight sex trafficking in the Boston area.

  • Click here to listen to our faculty director, Peter Edelman, on the Diane Rehm show, in a recent episode on the causes and consequences of rising poverty in the US.

  • On March 20, 2014 the Center on Poverty released a new report: Blueprint: A Multidisciplinary Approach to the Sex Trafficking of Girls.

  • Read Peter Edelman and Rebecca Epstein's op-ed published by Reuters: "Helping the Victims of American Sex Trafficking."

  • On November 15, 2013, the Center on Poverty launched its new policy series, Voices and Visibility for Disconnected Girls: Responding to Trauma, with a conference on Girls and Trauma, keynoted by Dr. Stephanie Covington and co-hosted by The Human Rights Project for Girls and The National Crittenton Foundation. 

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