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Georgetown Law publishes twelve legal journals annually. First-year students seeking membership on a law journal do so through a mandatory write-on competition.

The central mission of the Office of Journal Administration is to provide timely and relevant scholarly articles, student notes, and comments pertaining to areas of professional legal interest. Eleven journals address specific areas: criminal law, international environmental law, immigration, international law, legal ethics, poverty, gender and the law, tax law, conservative, libertarian and natural law scholarshipcritical race theory, and national security. The Georgetown Law Journal addresses issues of general legal concern.

  • Georgetown Law Journal 
  • American Criminal Law Review
  • The Tax Lawyer
  • Georgetown Journal of Legal Ethics
  • Georgetown Journal of International Law
  • Georgetown International Environmental Law Review
  • Georgetown Journal on Poverty Law and Policy
  • Georgetown Immigration Law Journal
  • Georgetown Journal of Gender and the Law
  • Georgetown Journal of Law & Public Policy
  • Georgetown Journal of Law & Modern Critical Race Perspectives
  • Journal of National Security Law & Policy

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