Status of Georgetown Law Campus for Thursday, March 22

The Law Center will be open tomorrow, Thursday, March 22, 2018, with Liberal Leave and Instructional Continuity in place. Classes start at their normal time. Emergency employees report on time.

Letters of Recommendation

Applications for all LL.M. Degree Programs, Certificate Programs, and M.S.L. Program must be supported by two letters of recommendation. Recommenders may complete and submit recommendations to LSAC or directly to the Office of Admissions at the address below. Letters must be originals and must be sent directly by recommenders to LSAC or to the Office of Admissions; or, if submitted by the applicant to the Office of Admissions, must be in sealed, signed envelopes from the recommenders. Photocopies of letters of recommendation are not acceptable.

Graduate Admissions
Georgetown University Law Center
600 New Jersey Avenue, NW Room 589
Washington, DC 20001-2075

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