Admissions Process

Does Georgetown Law offer "conditional admission" to its Graduate Programs?

No. Georgetown Law does not offer "conditional admission" to its Graduate programs. Students must meet the prerequisites for admission (e.g., obtaining the required minimum TOEFL score for foreign students, or completing a course in basic Federal Income Tax for U.S. students applying to the LL.M. in Taxation program) before an offer of admission can be extended.

Does it help to apply early?

Yes. The Admissions Committee reviews files on a rolling basis and makes offers throughout the admissions cycle. Therefore, it is to your advantage to submit your application as early as possible within each admissions cycle, while the greatest number of spaces are still available.

When will I know the decision?

If you submit a completed application by the appropriate Early Action Deadline (November 10, 2017 for foreign-educated;January 5, 2018 for U.S. educated), your decision letter will be sent by December 18, 2017 (foreign- educated) or February 5, 2018 (U.S. educated). Applications completed by the Regular Action deadlines (February 9, 2018 for foreign-educated; February 23, 2018 for U.S. educated) will receive a decision within 6-10 weeks of the date the application is completed.

Can I apply to more than one graduate degree program simultaneously?

No.  Applicants should choose one LL.M. degree program and/or Certificate when they apply. 

If I am admitted to one program, may I switch to another program if I prefer to do so?

In many cases, you will have flexibility to change your degree selection after you are admitted: particularly, students in the General, International Legal Studies, or International Business and Economic Law programs for foreign-educated lawyers may consider these degrees relatively interchangeable (and may settle on the final name of their degree after they are enrolled here and have consulted with their academic advisor about the courses they choose to take).  Students may also be able to switch between the more flexible (General, ILS or IBEL) degrees and those in Taxation or Securities, if those programs more closely reflect their interests. For the most specialized degrees, the Global Health and National Security programs, applicants must apply directly to those degrees and may not switch in after being admitted to a more general program. Requests to change programs should be submitted to the Admissions Office for consideration.  

If I apply Early Action and am admitted, am I required to attend Georgetown?

No. Our Graduate Early Action option is non-binding. Students admitted Early Action will have until the same date as Regular Action admitted students to decide whether or not to attend Georgetown.

How do I reapply if I applied previously to a graduate program and was not accepted?

Candidates who did not receive an offer of admission may choose to reapply for admission in a later term. Although it is likely that an applicant will receive the same decision, in some cases applicants may receive a different determination because new or additional information is provided, or because the application is submitted earlier in the admissions cycle than in the prior year. Applications are maintained by the Graduate Admissions Office for one year only. Click here for more information on reapplying.

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