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Is there career placement assistance for LL.M. students?

Yes. Located in the Office of Graduate Programs, the Graduate Career and Professional Development team serves as a valuable resource for LL.M. and Certificate students. For more information about the Graduate Career and Professional Development team click here.

If I am a foreign educated student, can I take a bar exam after I earn my LL.M.?

Many of our LL.M. students who received their first degree in law in a foreign country choose to take a U.S. bar exam, usually the New York bar exam, upon completion of their LL.M. at Georgetown. Your academic advisor will work with you to help you select the courses needed to qualify for the bar exam, as part of designing your overall course of study. Please note that while bar membership can be a useful credential for many international lawyers, for international students whose primary goal is to practice law in the U.S., Georgetown Law advises them to consider earning a J.D., as that is the basic credential most sought after by U.S. law firms and other legal employers.

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