Prior Work Experience

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A large percentage of our graduate students have worked full-time after completing their first law degree.  Some examples of past experience are given below.

Prior Work Experience

Foreign-educated Students

U.S.-educated Students

Practitioners in private law firms and in-house counsel

Lawyers serving in government branches, departments and ministries in countries as varied as Azerbaijan, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Georgia, Ghana, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Oman, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates

Lawyers from international organizations, including the World Health Organization, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the United Nations Mission in Kosovo, the Organization of American States, the International Criminal Court, and the Inter-American Development Bank

Diplomatic officials from various countries, including the Czech Republic, Kenya, Mexico, Turkey, and Thailand

Judges, prosecutors, and public defenders from countries including Cameroon, Korea, the United Arab Emirates, and Thailand

Law clerks to the highest courts of their home countries, for example, the Philippines and Uganda

Practitioners in private law firms

Members of the Judge Advocate General Corps of the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines

Attorneys from federal departments including the Departments of State, Defense, Justice, Homeland Security, Veterans Affairs, and Education

Attorneys from federal agencies including the National Security Agency, Internal Revenue Service, Food and Drug Administration, Financial Industry and Regulatory Authority, Social Security Administration, Central Intelligence Agency, Government Accountability Office, the United States Agency for International Development, Federal Trade Commission, and the Securities and Exchange Commission

Attorneys from non-profit and international organizations including the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy, and the World Bank

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