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Georgetown Law Center's graduate programs attract a diverse and highly qualified group of students from throughout the United States and the world. Georgetown Law is proud of the diversity and breadth of interests and experience of our student body. This profile provides a snapshot of Georgetown's graduate community in recent years.     

Over the long history of Georgetown Law's LL.M. and S.J.D. programs (the LL.M. program dates back to 1878), students have come from over 120 countries around the world.   

Students who earned their first law degree outside the United States typically comprise between 40 to 50% of our graduate classes. In recent years, foreign-educated students from more than 60 countries and close to 150 different law schools outside the United States have come to Georgetown each year.   

Students who earned their first law degrees in the United States have come from more than 140 different law schools in the United States and Puerto Rico.  A large percentage of students have practiced law full-time after completing their first law degree and before coming to Georgetown. Please refer to the left-hand navigation for some examples of prior work experience.   

Many students have competed in moot court competitions, participated in their law schools' journals and law reviews, previously published an article or book, have other advanced degrees or qualifications, and/or have prior experience teaching law.   

Students come to Georgetown with a diversity of outside interests as well, including community service, pro bono activities, the arts, and athletics. Students have founded non-profits and served as volunteers. Students have been professional musicians and members of bands. Several students have been national-level amateur, semi-professional, and even professional athletes in a variety of sports.  


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