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Alumni Admissions Interview Program

What is the purpose of conducting interviews?

Those invited to interview with an Alumni Interviewer are applicants who the Admissions Committee wishes to know more about.  The goal is for the information obtained during the interview to provide the Committee with a better understanding of the applicant.

May I request an interview?

No.  Although our ultimate goal is to continue to increase the number of individual interviews and to expand in person interviews to as many areas as we have alumni, currently alumni interviews are by invitation only.

Should I interview, if invited?

Although not required, if invited, we strongly encourage you to schedule an interview.  Interviews provide the Admissions Committee with additional information about your interpersonal and communication skills, maturity, and motivation.  Interviews also provide you with the opportunity to learn more about Georgetown Law.

Given the rolling admissions process, will accepting an invitation to interview hurt my chances of admission because it may delay a decision?

No.  If you have been invited, the Admissions Committee would like to learn more about you as a candidate.   Participating in the interview process, therefore, provides the Committee with additional information they wish to have to make a more complete evaluation of your application.  In extending an invitation to interview, the Committee is aware of when your application became complete and that it will take some time to complete the interview process.

Who will conduct the interview and where will it take place?

Interviews are conducted by Alumni Interviewers around the country.  We will attempt to match you with an alumnus in your area.  If no interviewers are available in your area, we will attempt to match you for a phone or Skype interview.

I have accepted my interview and provided you with my current location.  What is the next step?

If you have been invited and have accepted an interview, we will match you with an alumnus in your area, or with an alumnus for a phone or Skype interview, depending on your location.  The alumnus will then contact you directly to set up an interview.  Please be patient in waiting for your interviewer to contact you. You should also make arrangements at that time to e-mail, fax or send a copy of your resume to your interviewer in advance of the interview date.  Please note that the interview process may take several weeks. 

I am very interested in a particular area of law.  Can you match me with an alumnus in that field?

No.  We currently match applicants with alumni based on geography alone.  However, you should feel free to discuss your area of interest with your interviewer when you meet.

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