May I use the Credential Assembly Service (CAS) Letter of Recommendation Service?

Yes, this is the preferred method.  However, you may submit your recommendation(s) in a sealed envelope or have them sent directly by your recommender(s) to Georgetown Law.

How many recommendations do you require?

We require only one recommendation or evaluation for the J.D. application, but you may submit as many as you like. Please note that once we receive one recommendation or evaluation, your application will be considered complete and will be sent to the committee. You must request in advance that we hold your application until we receive all of your recommendations/evaluations if you intend to submit more than one recommendation or evaluation.

How many recommendations do people generally submit?

On average, applicants tend to submit about 3 recommendations.

May I submit a recommendation from an employer rather than a professor?

Yes. If you are still in school or less than 3 years out, academic recommendations are preferred, but non-academic recommendations are accepted.

May I submit an LSAC Evaluation Form in lieu of a traditional letter of recommendation?


Do you accept composites/recommendation packages from universities?


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