Application Process

Do I apply to the J.D. Program and graduate or doctoral degree separately or as part of the J.D. application?


Do I use the same application to apply to the J.D. program to apply to the graduate or Ph.D. program?

No. Each program within the joint degree has separate admission procedures and separate applications. You must be admitted to both programs separately before you can enter the joint degree.

Do I have to take the GRE, GMAT or another exam?

The following programs will accept the LSAT in lieu of the GRE: J.D./M.P.H. (with Johns Hopkins), J.D./M.S.F.S., J.D./M.P.P., and J.D./M.A.S.S.P. The J.D./M.B.A. requires the GMAT. The following programs require the GRE: J.D./M.A.A.S., J.D./M.A.G.E.S., J.D./M.A.L.A.S., J.D./M.A.E.R.E.S., J.D./Ph.D. in Government, and J.D./M.A./Ph.D. in Philosophy. The joint LL.M. degrees do not require the GRE, GMAT or any other exam.

Note: Please check directly with the Admissions Office of the graduate or Ph.D. program you are interested in to make sure you are meeting all of the application requirements.

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