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If you are a current Georgetown Law student who has been granted permission to visit away at another institution, you may request student loans for your semester(s) away as part of the normal financial aid application process.  Please note that in order to be eligible for federal loans while you are visiting away, your host institution must be an institution eligible to receive federal student aid.  You should confirm eligibility with your host school or inquire at the Georgetown Law Office of Financial Aid.  In addition, students visiting away are not eligible for Georgetown Law grant or scholarship assistance for their semester(s) away. (Please note that students studying at CTLS or through another official Georgetown Law study abroad program are not considered to be "visiting away" and should complete the financial aid requirements as normal.)

Students visiting away who wish to borrow for their enrollment at another institution should complete all other applicable Georgetown Law renewal financial aid application requirements and submit a completed Visiting Away Consortium Agreement. Your host school will need to complete a portion of the Consortium Agreement, including information regarding the cost of attendance at that institution. The Office of Financial Aid is required to use the budget information provided by your host school, which may be lower than the budget for Georgetown Law students, when awarding aid for your semester(s) away.

Loan funds for visiting-away semesters will disburse to your Georgetown Law student account shortly before the start of classes at the host institution.  The Office of Financial Aid will then remit payment of your host school's tuition charges (up to the amount of disbursed aid) directly to your host institution.  Any remaining aid will then be available to you as a living expense refund. Please note that because of the extra steps in this process, your living expense refund may not be available until after the start of classes at your host institution. Please plan accordingly.

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