When does my financial aid disburse?

Financial aid (except Federal Work-Study) is disbursed to your student account at the beginning of each semester for which funds are awarded.  (Federal Work-Study funds are paid bi-weekly through the Payroll Office as earned.)  Before any financial aid disbursements can be made, all applicable requirements must be satisfied.  Please note that you should not expect financial aid funds to disburse before the start of classes (not including orientation) for that semester.  Federal regulations govern the timing of federal aid disbursements.

How do I receive my living expense allowance?

Once your financial aid has disbursed to your student account, you can request your living expense allowance refund through the Student Account section of MyAccess (by clicking on "Request Refund").  In the meantime, you are encouraged to link your bank account to your student account (by clicking on "Student Account Services" within the Student Account section of MyAccess) so your living expense refund can be processed electronically through direct deposit and you can receive your funds more quickly.  (If you request your refund before setting up direct deposit, a paper check will be issued and will take significantly longer.)  For more information about this process, please contact the Student Accounts Office at 202-662-9057.

What is the difference between the Office of Financial Aid and the Office of Student Accounts?

The two offices have separate administrative functions. Financial Aid, located in room 335 of McDonough Hall, determines eligibility for grants, loans, Federal Work-Study and Georgetown Law's Loan Repayment Assistance Program. We also provide services such as financial planning, entrance and exit counseling and other guidance related to managing your money. Student Accounts, located in McDonough Room 581, is responsible for billing tuition and other charges, collecting payments and issuing student account refunds (such as your financial aid living expense funds).

What is an estimated credit on my Statement of Student Account? 

If the Office of Financial Aid determines that you are eligible to receive financial aid, such funds will appear on your bill as estimated credits until actual funds are received. Once all requirements for the disbursement of your financial aid funds have been met, the estimated credits will become actual credits on your bill and excess funds will be available in the form of a refund to assist you with your living expenses.  Students who are delinquent in completing applicable financial aid requirements may have their estimated credits removed from their student account.  Please remember to direct all questions about your bill to the Office of Student Accounts as the Office of Financial Aid cannot assist you with billing questions.

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