Status of Georgetown Law Campus for Thursday, March 22

The Law Center will be open tomorrow, Thursday, March 22, 2018, with Liberal Leave and Instructional Continuity in place. Classes start at their normal time. Emergency employees report on time.

Enrollment Requirements

Will my eligibility for financial aid change if I change my enrollment status?

Yes, if you withdraw from Georgetown Law or change the number of credit hours for which you are enrolled your eligibility for aid will likely change as well. You should contact the Office of Financial Aid to discuss how a change may affect your eligibility for financial aid.

I'm considering transferring from the evening division to the day division of the JD program. How will that affect my eligibility for financial aid? 

Students transferring from the evening to the day program are eligible to apply for all types of federal, private and (for those transferring after their first year) Georgetown Law grant aid. Students applying for grant assistance will need to complete the Need Access form and submit student and parent  tax returns (with W-2s and schedules). The primary impact of a division transfer is that the cost of attendance is adjusted to reflect the full-time enrollment status. Also, students who transfer from evening to day will also be assessed a tuition equalization fee by the Office of Student Accounts that is incorporated into the financial aid budget. 

If I take a leave of absence, do I have to begin repayment of my loans?

The answer to this question depends on the type of loan a student has while in school.  Federal Stafford (and most Federal Grad PLUS) loans have a grace (or equivalent) period of six months and the Federal Perkins loan has a grace period of nine months before repayment begins.  Most, but not all, commercial loans also have a nine-month grace period.  If your leave of absence is shorter than your grace period, you will not need to make payments on those loans and your grace period will be fully reinstated. If your leave is greater than your grace period, you will need to make payment arrangements for the period of your leave following the end of the grace period.  Upon your re-enrollment, your loan may be placed back into an in-school status, but will not have a grace period when you ultimately graduate. NOTE: If you are considering a leave of absence, we encourage you to make an appointment and speak with your financial aid counselor for more information.

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