I will be graduating. Do I need to complete an Exit Interview?

Yes. Conveniently, the Exit Interview is available for you to complete online.

What should graduating students be doing to think about their financial futures?

Georgetown Law offers a  two-part financial planning series for graduating students. The first part focuses specifically on student loan repayment strategies The second covers other important financial matters such as savings, retirement planning, home buying, insurance, etc.

Does Georgetown University Law Center have a loan repayment assistance program (LRAP)?

Yes. Georgetown has a nationally recognized loan repayment program that benefits JD graduates who enter into certain legally related public interest or government employment following graduation. Graduates may be eligible to receive funds, in the form of interest-free forgivable loans, which assist them in paying for all or part of their monthly loan repayment obligations.

I keep hearing about income-based repayment and federal loan forgiveness. What is that and how does it affect me?

These programs began in 2009 and provide significant benefits to many graduates choosing to pursue certain careers, especially in the government or public service sectors. Read more about the program in the Georgetown Law Guide to Income-Based Repayment and Federal Public Service Loan Forgiveness.

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