This is the first time I've borrowed loans at Georgetown Law, do I need to complete an entrance interview?

Yes. All students are required to complete online graduate entrance counseling the first time they borrow at Georgetown Law. 

If I'm eligible for a Federal Direct Stafford Loan how do I get that loan?

Instructions on applying for Stafford Loans will be included with entering students' financial aid award notifications. You can also review the How to Apply and Types of Aid pages for step-by-step instructions and more information.

What is a Graduate PLUS loan and how do I  borrow one?

Direct Graduate PLUS loans are federal loans that serve as a supplement to Stafford loans.  You can review the How to Apply and Types of Aid pages for step-by-step application instructions and more information.

What is a Federal Perkins Loan and how do I apply for one?

The Federal Perkins Loan is a no-fee federal loan that does not accrue interest while you are in school (or while in a grace) and has a 5% fixed interest rate during repayment. The loan is borrowed through Georgetown University, which receives an annual allocation from the U.S. Department of Education. There is very limited funding available for this loan program, therefore you will be notified if you are selected to receive a Perkins loan.  You may not request to be considered for this type of loan.

What is a commercial loan and how do I borrow one?

Commercial loans are private loans that can be borrowed to cover educational expenses. The primary difference between commercial loans and federal loans is commercial loans are heavily based on credit and do not benefit from federal deferment and forgiveness programs. You can review the How to Apply and Types of Aid pages for step-by-step instructions and more information.  Commercial loans are not eligible for LRAP, so please consider this option carefully before borrowing a commercial loan.

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