LRAP Application

New Applicants
The next deadline for new applicants is May 1, 2018
-- Detailed instructions and certification forms for new applicants. Please print the instructions, collect/complete required forms and save as PDFs.
-- Online LRAP Application

Renewal Applicants
The next deadline for renewal applicants (under LRAP 2, LRAP 3H, or LRAP 3 not on an annual cycle) is May 1, 2018
NOTE: Most LRAP 3 participants will have a different renewal deadline depending on when your IDR annual review is due.  Once your servicer calculates your IDR obligation and provides you with a new loan repayment schedule and you've made your last payment for your prior year award, you should re-apply for LRAP within 2 weeks so we have time to process your application for disbursement.
-- Detailed instructions and certification forms for renewal applicants.  Please print the instructions, collect/complete required forms and save as PDFs.
-- Online LRAP Application

Application Information for LRAP III and LRAP II

LRAP applications are available annually in October and are due NO LATER THAN November 1st (unless otherwise published). The mid-year application is available in April with a deadline date of May 1st. If the 1st falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or holiday, all materials will be considered timely if they are received by the next business day.  All sections of the online application must be complete as well as uploading required documentation. The applicant is responsible for submitting a complete application by the established deadline.  If qualifying employment has been secured before the deadline, but the position does not begin until after the deadline date (no later than the end of July 2018), the LRAP committee will make every attempt to review applicant eligibility based on the availability of funds. However, applicants should submit all other relevant paperwork by the published deadlines.

For renewal applicants who may not be eligible for LRAP funding but who wish to stay active in the program, please submit a copy of your Employer Certification every May 1st and November 1st. 

Additional Application Information for LRAP III

The following process of consolidating your non-Direct federal loans with Direct Lending under the IDR payment plan, and receiving a Loan Disclosure Repayment Schedule should be completed in advance of the deadline dates of May 1 and November 1 for LRAP consideration.

PLEASE NOTE: If all of your federal loans were borrowed through Direct Lending (most likely after July 1, 2010) then you are not required to consolidate since your loans are already with Federal Direct.  

  • The federal programs require that the borrower’s federal non-Direct loan(s) be consolidated with the Federal Direct Loan Program.
  • Visit The National Student Loan Data System to obtain all of your federal loan data and then begin the consolidation process (if you are required to do so) which should take between 60-90 days once you apply.  You should report the grace period end date as the most recent date possible from the drop-down box or today's date.  Otherwise, Direct Lending will not begin the consolidation process.  Please make sure to upload a copy of the Direct Consolidation Loan Summary Sheet with your LRAP application.
  • After your Direct Consolidation Loan has been made, you will receive welcome materials from the federal loan servicer that will service your consolidation loan.  Your servicer's welcome materials will instruct you to contact the servicer for an evaluation of your eligibility for the Income Driven Repayment (IDR) plans.
  • Keep in contact with your lenders to make sure they are providing the Department with your payoff amounts and follow up with the Department of Education to make sure they have all the information necessary to complete the consolidation.  Once the consolidation is complete the Department will send you a Loan Disclosure Repayment Schedule with your IDR payment and your loans will be in a repayment status.  Since LRAP benefits do not begin until July 1 (following the May 1 application deadline) or January 1 (following the November 1 application deadline), you can opt to pay any prior monthly payment out-of-pocket or request a forbearance.  You must have your first scheduled payment due by July in order to receive an LRAP award for the July through December term and January for the January through June term.  Please keep a copy of the Loan Disclosure Repayment Schedule to upload with your LRAP application.
  • If you’d like to learn more about IDR, please read our Guide to Income-Based Repayment Plans and Federal Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program.       
  • Print the Instructions for new LRAP participants, collect documents, complete required forms, and save them as PDFs.
  • Complete the online LRAP application for new participants and upload all required documents.

We require that you submit your LRAP application in its entirety once your consolidation process is complete (if applicable) and you’ve received your IDR payment schedule.

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