Law Alumni Board

The Law Alumni Board exists to serve the needs and interests of Georgetown University and the Alumni of the Law Center.

To accomplish these fundamental purposes, the Law Board shall function so as to create a forum for the exchange of information and ideas relative to the interests and welfare of the Law Center and its alumni. It is not the purpose of the Law Board to determine policy for the Law Center. Rather, the Law Board is intended to devote its energies to alumni interests. The Law Board's primary responsibility is to foster alumni support for the Law Center. Accordingly, in so doing, the Law Board should organize and promote law alumni activities; should foster communications between and among the Law Center and its alumni; should be involved in and promote fundraising for the Law Center; should oversee alumni events on a regional basis and on a class basis; should promote career opportunities for law students; and from time to time, should offer advice and counsel to the offices, governors, faculty and staff of the Georgetown University Alumni Association and the Law Center.


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