Interview Conduct

Where should I conduct the interview?

The Admissions Committee strongly prefers that interviews be conducted at your place of business.  If that is not possible, another appropriate public venue, such as a café or coffee shop, is a good alternative.  Please avoid more intimate venues, such as sit-down restaurants for lunch or dinner, and under no circumstances should interviews (except video interviews) occur in a private home.  

Are there specific questions I should ask?

Although we can provide you with a list of guideline questions, for the purpose of providing the best evaluation of a candidate's motivations and fitness for study at Georgetown Law, the Admissions Committee believes it is best for you to conduct the interview in your own style.  A resume, provided to you by the candidate in advance of the interview, should provide you with a starting point for questions.  Overall, the interview should be a pleasant conversation between you and the prospective student, which results in a more informed understanding of the candidate and her better appreciation of Georgetown Law.  Of course, questions regarding private habits and protected characteristics (e.g. race, sex, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, health, age, disability, marital status) are off-limits.

How should I evaluate my candidate?

You should consider the applicant in relation to other Georgetown lawyers or law students with whom you are familiar. To complete and submit your evaluation, we will provide you with a link to an online evaluation form.  The evaluation form gives you the opportunity to rate the candidate 1-5 and provide supporting comments on five general criteria. 

May I contact my candidate again after the interview?

Absolutely.  We encourage you maintain contact with your candidate throughout the admissions cycle, and for that purpose we will provide you with regular status updates on her admissions status throughout the late fall, spring, and summer.  In addition, there is a question on our alumni interviewer on-boarding survey allowing you to indicate if you would be willing to host a gathering of admitted students in the spring.

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