Interview Process

When will interviews take place?

We typically begin extending invitations to interview in October and continue through the admissions cycle into early March.

How many interviews do you expect each alumni interviewer to conduct?

Over the course of the entire admission cycle, alumni interviewers may conduct as few as one and as many as five or more interviews, depending on individual preference.  We do our very best to assign each alumni interviewer at least one interview per cycle, though doing so is not always possible in practice because of the unpredictability of assigning interviews within a geographically dispersed applicant pool.  Alumni interviewers who, when asked, are capable of conducting video as well as in person interviewers are more likely to be assigned at least one candidate to interview during a given admissions cycle.

How will applicants and alumni be matched?

The Admissions Committee generally invites the strongest applicants to participate in an interview. If an applicant accepts the invitation, we will attempt to assign the applicant to an interviewer in her geographic area (roughly within one hour of travel time) who matches her practice area of interest. In the event we do not have an interviewer available in the applicant's area, we will assign the applicant to an interviewer for a video interview (e.g. Skype or Face Time).

How will I be notified of an assignment?

Alumni interviewers are notified of an interview assignment by email containing a candidate's contact information, and are asked to contact the candidate directly to schedule the interview for a mutually convenient date and time.  When contacted about an assignment, interviewers are given 48 hours to confirm their ability to interview (timing is of the essence).  

What information will be provided to me about an my candidate?

Candidates are instructed to send a resume in advance of the interview, and you should feel free to ask for one.  However, your unique personal interaction with a candidate will serve as a source of additional information that the Committee could not otherwise obtain through her application.  Therefore, in order to limit the possibility of inadvertently influencing your discussion with and evaluation of the candidate, the Admissions Committee has decided not to provide you with her LSAT scores or GPA prior to the interview. 

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