Why is Georgetown Law offering an alumni interview program?

An alumni interview offers the Office of Admissions an opportunity to learn more about top law school candidates beyond the written application.  Those invited to interview are applicants the Admissions Committee wishes to know more about before making a decision.  Alumni interviews also offer a unique opportunity for candidates to learn about Georgetown Law in a personal and meaningful way.

In what areas are alumni interviews offered?

While we began our pilot interview program in large cities around the country, our goal has been to expand in person interviews to as many areas as we have alumni. During the 2015-2016 Admissions Cycle, interviews were conducted of applicants in 44 states, the District of Columbia, and 10 foreign countries.

What is the role of the alumni interviewer?

As a former student and experienced practitioner, you will be able to provide the Admissions Committee with important information we would not otherwise be able to obtain about your candidate’s professionalism, communication skills, motivations, and potential. The interview also will play an important role in personalizing the Admissions process for a candidate and may increase her interest in eventually enrolling in the Law Center, if offered a place in the class.

How will the alumni interview be used when making admission decisions?

The evaluation report submitted after an interview provides a supplementary perspective of the candidate that becomes part of her file.  The evaluation report is vital part of the decision process, but it does not supplant the role of the Office of Admissions in making admission decisions. Your feedback will be carefully considered by the Admissions Committee along with all other aspects of the candidate’s file, and will help us to select from among the very best applicants to Georgetown Law.

Will a student's application be affected if she does not have an alumni interview?

No. For those candidates who are invited to be interviewed, the alumni interview is optional.  Candidates who are not chosen to interview, or who choose not to interview after being invited to do so, will not be adversely affected in the admissions process.

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