Frequently Asked Questions


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  • Why is Georgetown Law offering an alumni interview program?
  • In what areas are alumni interviews offered?
  • What is the role of the alumni interviewer?
  • How will the alumni interview be used when making admission decisions?
  • Will a student's application be affected if he/she does not have an alumni interview?


  • Who is eligible to be an alumni interviewer?
  • I know a student who is applying to Georgetown Law. Am I eligible to interview him/her?

Interview Process

  • When will interviews take place?
  • How many interviews do you expect each alumni interviewer to conduct?
  • How will applicants and alumni be matched?
  • What information will be provided to me about an my candidate?

Interview Conduct

  • Where should I conduct the interview?
  • Are there specific questions I should ask?
  • How should I evaluate my candidate?
  • May I contact my candidate again after the interview?


  • If I have additional questions about the Alumni Admissions Interview Program, whom do I contact?

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