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 Welcome to the ArchiveADA Photo Gallery! 

Here you will find photos related to the passage of the ADA Amendments Act of 2008, including negotiation sessions and community rallies.  Please note that this page will continue to be updated with additional photos, so please check back again soon. 

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ADAAA Negotiation Session
Chai Feldblum and Jennifer Mathis   Randy and Mike   The business negotiators   The Disability negotiators
Chai Feldblum and Jennifer Mathis   Randy Johnson and Mike Eastman   The business negotiation team   The disability negotiation team
Rally at the Capitol, September 17, 2008
Jim Sensenbrenner   Hatch   Steny Hoyer   Harkin
Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner   Sen. Orrin Hatch   Rep. Steny Hoyer   Sen. Tom Harkin
Coehlo   Nadler   ADAAA Team  
Team with the Capitol
Tony Coehlo   Rep. Jerrold Nadler   The ADAAA Team   The ADAAA Team again
The Clinic  
  American Diabetes Associtation   Rights for All
Georgetown Law Federal Legislation Clinic   Chai Feldblum,Tony Coehlo, Sandy Finucane   American Diabetes Association   "Rights for All!"
Yay for A D A
  Hoyer and Dart   Hoyer and ADA supporters   ADA supporters
"Yay for ADA!"   Rep. Hoyer hugs Yoshiko Dart   Rep. Hoyer and ADA supporters   L-R: Wilson, Hatch, Sensenbrenner, Zirkin, and Henderson
Hatch Sensenbrenner Henderson   Rep Hoyer  
Justin Chappell
  Henderson and Dart
Sen. Hatch, Rep. Sensenbrenner and Henderson   Rep. Hoyer and speakers in front of the capitol   Justin Chappell, NCIL   Wade Henderson, LCCR, and the Dart family in the audience
Dart and Hatch   Kristina Foster  
Foster and Speakers
Yoshiko Dart and Sen. Hatch   Kristina Foster, Epilepsy Foundation   Kristina Foster and speakers   Rep. Jim Langevin
Hoyer and Harkin  
Rep. Hoyer and Sen. Harkin   Sen. Tom Harkin   Leanne Wilson, NAM   Former Rep. Tony Coehlo
  Henderson and Dart    
Rep. Jerrold Nadler   Rep. Patrick Kennedy   Wade Henderson, LCCR, and Yoshiko Dart    

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