Barristers' Council April 2015 Update

Alternative Dispute Resolution Division

It has been a great month for the ADR Division! The ADR Division extends its congratulations to Libbie Walker ('15), Kate Whitesell ('15), Chayla Jackson ('15), and Anna Sandor (‘15) for winning 2 of the preliminary rounds at the ICC Mediation Competition! Congratulations also to Tristan Thorson ('16) and Will Hack ('16) for winning both of the preliminary rounds and achieving the highest cumulative score at the ABA Mediation Competition! Division members Susie Toumanian ('16) and Tiffany Jones ('15) are currently competing in the International Commercial Arbitration Competition in Vienna. We wish them the best of luck! 


Trial Advocacy Division 

After a great year, the competition season is now over for the Trial Advocacy Division. Now begins the fun time of leadership applications and spending time with your teammates before the end of the year! Keep an eye out in the Trial Ad update emails for Trial Ad-specific leadership opportunities and for the exciting Trial Ad Happy Hour. 


Appellate Advocacy Division 

Everyone is invited to attend the Beaudry Final Round next Tuesday, April 7 at 8:00 p.m. in Hart! To see who the judges are, check out the Beaudry poster on the BC Facebook Page. With nearly all competitions completed, the Division is ranked 3rd nationally. Here are some of the individual performances that made it happen this past month:


Matt Lachman (’16) and Amy Leiser (’16) put on an outstanding performance at the Giles Sutherland Rich Intellectual Property Competition, advancing to the semifinal round. Amy and Matt were coached by Will Chamberlain (’15).


Patrick Doerr (’16) and Ryan Travers (’16) also advanced to the semifinal round of the premier criminal law competition in the country—the John J. Gibbons Criminal Procedure Moot Court Competition. Patrick and Ryan were coached by Elizabeth Purcell (’15) and Eric Steinhart (’15).


Natasha Ravisetti (’15) and Logan Dwyer (’15) advanced to the final round of the D.C. Cup Competition falling short in the final round after a valiant effort. Daniel Douglas (’15) coached the team.


Jamie Strawbridge (’16) and Andrew Shindi (’16) advanced to the semifinal round of the Bryant-Moore Invitational. Andrew was awarded Best Advocate, and the team was coached by Abram Shaendling (’15).


Morgan Otway (’16) and Sydeney Menees (’16) put on an outstanding performance at the Cardozo-BMI Entertainment & Communications Law Moot Court Competition, but fell just shy of advancing to elimination rounds. The team was coached by Ben Brookstone (’15).


And at the Inter-American Sustainable Development Law Competition, Jimmy Kirkpatrick ('16) and Connor Curtin ('16) put up a strong fight. The team was coached by Anna Milena Jurca ('15) and John Allen ('15).


Barristers' Council March 2015 Update

Alternative Dispute Resolution Divison 

The 2015 Bellamy Negotiations Competition was a huge success. Over 150 students registered for the competition. Congrats to the 2015 Bellamy Competition Champion, Max Sanders (1L). We are excited to welcome our newest class of division members. 

February has been a busy month for ADR Division members. Congratulations to Bridgette Makia (3L), Sehar Sabir (3L), and Manoj Jonna (3L) for advancing to the semifinals in both the mediator and the attorney/client categories at the ILS Mediation Competition in London! Congratulations also to Xander Tapling (2L) and Kyle Helmick (2L) for advancing to the semifinals at the ABA Client Counseling Competition in New York!

Trial Advocacy Division

Congratulations to all the Greenhalgh Competitors, particularly finalists Apeksha Vora (1L) and James Hoeffgen (1L), champion Michael Daniels (1E), and champion and best advocate Amarto Bhattacharyya (1L)! 

This month is busy for the current members of the division with five teams competing in two weeks. Two teams will stay here in DC for the regional portion of the American Association for Justice Trial Competition. Haley Etchison (2L), Chris Godin (2L), Emily Bolles (3L), and Micah Fielden (2L) are coached by alum Palmer Heenan, while Lindsey Stearns (2L), Travis Wolf (3L), Beatrice Diehl(2L), and Roy Chon (2L) are coached by alum Bryan Kennedy. Flying to Sacramento for the National Ethics Trial Competition is the team of Claire Mauksch (2L), Hannelore Sklar (2L), Frederick Mendenhall(2L), and Theresa Rusnak (2L), coached by Weily Rein partner Charlie Lemley. Headed to Chicago for the ABA Criminal Justice Trial Competition is the team of Jimei Hon (3L), June Gargus (2L), Krista Hess (3L), and Jenna Przybylski (3L) with alum coach Nik Nartowicz. Finally, the South Texas Challenge team is made up of Liza Magley (3L),Gaurav Asthana (3E), Reiko Koyama (2L), and Hui Min Cao (2L) coached by alum Paul Halliday, Kush Das (3L), and Andrew Roddin (3L).

Appellate Advocacy Division

With half of spring semester in the books, Moot continues to rack up stunning success after stunning success. The combined efforts of the following participants have landed the Division in 2nd place in the country. Please congratulate the competitors if you see them around campus.

Nathaniel DeLucia (2L) and Matt Haskell (2L) ran the table in the regional rounds of the Saul Lefkowitz Moot Court Competition, placing first and winning best brief and advocate. Nathaniel and Matt advance the National Rounds on March 7 and are coached by Liam O'Rielly (3L). 

Sam Lehman (3L) and Tyler Clemons (3L) placed second at the Andrews Kurth National Moot Court Championship, a Tournament-of-Champions style competition that invites only the Top-16 Appellate programs in the country. Sam and Tyler also won Best Brief Award and were coached by Isaiah Peterson (3L) and T.J. McCarrick (3L).

Ani-Rae Lovell (2L) and Stephen Petkis (2L) placed second at the New York Bar National Moot Court Competition, the oldest moot court tournament in the country. Stephen also received the Best Advocate award in the final round. Ani-Rae and Stephen were coached by Isaiah Peterson (3L) and T.J. McCarrick (3L).

Quinn Dang (2L) and Ivana Djak (2L) placed second at NYU’s Immigration Moot Court Competition, falling just shy of first place. Quinn and Ivana were coached by Joe Knowles (3L).

J.R. Fleurmont (2L) and Darian Hands (2L) won the Best Brief Award at the Frederick Douglass competition. Unfortunately, due to a tournament administration error, J.R. and Darian did not advance to the elimination rounds; the tournament erroneously proceeded directly to semifinals instead of quarterfinals. Edward Williams (’14) coached Darian and J.R.

Isis Midary (2L), Sean Topping (2L), Brendan Benedict (3L), John McDermott (2L) and Maryanne Mundy (2L) advanced to the semi-final round of the Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition and lost a hard-fought match. The team also secured individual awards for fourth and fifth Best Advocate. The team was coached by Nate Kurcab (3E) and Kalyani Parthasarathy (3L).

Paul Springer (3E) and Ryan Sellinger (3E) competed in the Tulane Mardi Gras Sports Law Competition, and missed advancing to quarterfinals by just a hair. Ryan won Best Oralist for the competition. Paul and Ryan were coached by Sam Kramer (3L).

Chris Cooke (3L) and Jordan Liew (2L) competed admirably at the GW National Security Moot Court Competition but unfortunately did not advance to the elimination rounds.

The two American Bar Association teams of Daniella Sterns (2L), Nick Temple (2L), Bethany Rishell (2L), and Steven Goldstein (2L) performed incredibly during their regional rounds but tragically failed to advance to Nationals. The teams were coached by Sam Lehman (3L) and Luci Hague (3L).

Sherine Matthew (2L) and Lauren Ige (2L) traveled to sunny Los Angeles to compete in the Williams Institute Moot Court Competition. Unfortunately, the team did not advance to elimination rounds. Sherine and Lauren were coached by Jen Goldstein (3L) and Matt Greer (3L).

Amarto Bhattacharyya and Michael Daniels Named 2015 Greenhalgh Competition Champions

First-year students Amarto Bhattacharyya (Section 4, '17) and Michael Daniels (Section 7, '18) are the 2015 William W. Greenhalgh Trial Advocacy Competition Champions. The finalists appeared before Judge Craig Iscoe of the District of Columbia Superior Court, in a mock trial held February 11, 2015 at the Supreme Court Institute. They were evaluated by Arthur Ago, Chief of the Trial Division at the Public Defender Service for the District of Columbia; William Causey, Assistant Attorney General for the District of Columbia; John Chesley of Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher; and Charles Lemley of Wiley Rein.

Bhattacharyya and Daniels represented the Government in State of New Columbia v. Skyler Roberts — an original case written for the Greenhalgh Competition. Ms. Roberts was charged by indictment with aggravated assault and second-degree murder for the shooting death of Penn Teller. In the final round, the Prosecution pursued only the murder charge. Ms. Roberts, represented by 1Ls Apeksha Vora and James Hoeffgen, presented evidence that she acted in self-defense. Roberts testified that she shot Teller in the alley behind a nightclub when Teller advanced toward her with a knife, following a verbal altercation.

Approximately 160 students participated in the preliminary rounds of the Greenhalgh Competition this year. Competitors in the first round presented opening statements and direct examinations. Sixty students were invited to Round 2, where they conducted cross-examinations and gave closing arguments. Twenty competitors from Round 2 were given invitations to join the Barristers' Council Trial Advocacy Division, and six more were named alternates. Sixteen of those students were paired with co-counsel and assigned Trial Advocacy Division competing team members as coaches, then put on full mock trials in the Quarterfinals round. Four teams of two advanced to the semifinals, where Bhattacharyya, Daniels, Vora, and Hoeffgen defeated their respective opponents for a chance at the championship.

Bhattacharyya also received the award for Best Advocate by earning the most high ranks throughout the three trial rounds.

Georgetown Places Second at the Andrews Kurth National Moot Court Championship 

Tyler Clemons ('15) and Samuel Lehman ('15) placed second overall at the prestigious Andrews Kurth National Moot Court Championship, which was held on January 23-25, 2015 at the Bob Casey Federal Courthouse in Houston. The pair narrowly lost the final round by less than a point in a competition that pitted 15 of the nation’s top moot court programs against each other. Sam and Tyler also won the "Best Brief" Award for the entire competition. 

More information about Georgetown's success at the competition is available here.

2015 Barristers' Council Showcase

The Annual Barristers' Council Showcase took place on January 14, 2015 in the Hart Auditorium. Students watched demonstrations from each of the three Barristers’ Council Divisions: Trial Advocacy (Mock Trial), Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), and Appellate Advocacy (Moot Court). 

Students also learned how they can join one of the three divisions by competing this spring in the Greenhalgh Competition (Mock Trial), the Bellamy Competition (ADR), or the Beaudry Competition (Moot Court). Registration and competition dates can be viewed on each of the divisions' pages. 

A full webcast of the Showcase is available by clicking here.

Andrew Shindi Named 2014 Leahy Champion 

Andrew Shindi (2L) has been named the 2014 Leahy Moot Court Competition Champion! Shindi competed against fellow Leahy Finalists Jonis Belu-John (LLM), Anthony Sheh (4E), and Daniella Sterns (2L) on October 27th at 8:00 pm in Hart Auditorium.

The finalists presented their arguments before Judge Michael Fisher of the Third Circuit Court of Appeals, Judge Sri Srinivasan of the DC Circuit Court of Appeals, Judge Casey Cooper of the DC District Court, Judge Theodore Chuang of the District of Maryland, and former acting U.S. solicitor general (and current Georgetown Law professor) Neal Katyal.

This year's competitors faced off over New York City’s hotly contested Local Law 17, which mandates several disclosures from so-called pregnancy services centers.  Competitors argued first over the appropriate level of scrutiny which should be applied to the law and then over whether the specific disclosure provisions would survive or fall under such scrutiny.  The case is one of several involving similarly-drafted laws which are being reviewed by the Circuit Courts of Appeals.

The 2014 Leahy Best Brief winner, Hal Brewster (3L), was also recognized during the final round.

Competitors reaching the semifinal round of this year’s competition had the opportunity to argue before a panel of several recent Georgetown alumni, including Jeff Golimowski (L’13, 2013 National Moot Court Champion), Katie Barlow (L’14, 2012 Leahy Champion), and James Romoser (L’14, 2013 Leahy Champion).

Nearly 100 competitors entered the Leahy competition this year. The top competitors will receive invitations to join the Barristers' Council's Appellate Advocacy or Alternative Dispute Resolution teams.

A full webcast of the finals is available by clicking here.

James Romoser Named 2013 Leahy Champion

James Romoser has been named the 2013 Leahy Moot Court Competition Champion! Romoser competed against fellow finalists Beth Lipman, James Powell, and Justus Getty Monday night at 7:30 in Hart Auditorium.

In addition to being an oral advocacy finalist, Lipman also won Best Brief.

The finalists presented their arguments before Judge Kent Jordan of the Third Circuit Court of Appeals; Chief Judge Richard Roberts and Judge Beryl Howell of the DC District; former U.S. solicitor general Paul Clement; and Georgetown Law's own Dori Bernstein.

This year's competitors faced off over the hotly contested issue of whether for-profit corporations possess religious rights under the First Amendment and, if so, whether the Affordable Care Act regulation requiring them to provide contraceptives to their employees violates those rights. Many legal scholars expect the Supreme Court to pick up the issue during its current term to resolve a split in the circuits over the issue.

Nearly 100 competitors entered the Leahy competition this year. The top competitors will receive invitations to join the Barristers' Council's Appellate Advocacy or Alternative Dispute Resolution teams.

A full webcast of the finals is available by clicking here.

Georgetown Wins International Space Law Competition

The GULC Barristers Council has won the 2013 Manfred Lachs Space Law International Moot Court Competition in Beijing!  

The Appellate Advocacy Division team—consisting of 3L Amanda Krause and recent alumni Adam Wesolowski and Zach Garthe—won the final round. The team also won for best brief and Wesolowski was named best oralist. 

The team qualified for the international finals by winning the regional finals, held last year in March on the GULC campus. Each year, the winners of the Asia Pacific, European and North American Regional Rounds compete in the world finals, held in conjunction with the annual International Astronautical Congress and the Colloquium on the Law of Outer Space. 

The competition involves issues of international and commercial space law and is designed to challenge participants’ understanding and application of public international law as related to Outer Space. The world finals are judged by three sitting members of the International Court of Justice. 

Each member of the team took GULC’s Space Law Seminar, taught by Profs. Steve Mirmina and Petra Vorwig. The seminar was developed in 2000 by Pro. Paul Larsen, who taught the seminar until he retired after the Spring 2012 semester.

Georgetown team crowned 2013 Moot Court National Champions!

Barristers' Council members Jeff Golimowsky (3L) and Emily Chambers (3L) took home top honors in the 2013 Moot Court National Championship hosted by the University of Houston Law Center. The National Championship features the top 16 moot court programs in the nation, determined by their performance in the prior year, and is designed to determine the "best of the best" of moot court programs. 

This year, the competition featured a complicated appellate problem dealing with the validity of Stranger Originated Life Insurance. Competitors were judged on the quality of both their written briefs and their oral argument. Golimowsky and Chambers went 3-1 in the preliminary rounds and then swept the elimination rounds, defeating the only team to beat them in the preliminary rounds to win the championship.

Following the victory, Golimowsky expressed gratitude to the students, faculty, and staff of the Law Center who helped the pair to prepare for the competition and wrote in an email, "I have never been prouder to be a Hoya."

Georgetown Team Wins Veterans Law Moot

Barristers' Council members Jeff DeSousa (LAW '13) and Mitchell London (LAW '14) won the 2012 National Veterans Law Moot Court Competition. Hosted by the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims (CAVC), the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims Bar Association, and The George Washington University Law School, the competition featured a complex argument on the interplay of veteran's benefits, administrative regulations, and the insanity defense before a panel of judges from the CAVC.

DeSousa also won the award for Best Oralist and London won the award for Second Place Oralist. This is the second year in a row that Georgetown has won the Veterans Law Competition.

2013 White Collar Invitational Results

Congratulations to Florida International University College of Law, winner of the 2012 White Collar Crime Invitational Mock Trial Tournament! FIU bested 19 other teams from the top trial advocacy programs in the country in a trial competition featuring alleged criminal violations of federal campaign finance and honest services laws. William & Mary Law School was the runner-up and the University of Houston Law Center and the University of Virginia School of Law were semi-finalists.

Click here to learn more about the tournament.

Trial Advocacy Division Sees Early Season Success

The Trial Advocacy Division's 2012-2013 competitive season is off to a successful start, winning both team and individual awards at several tournaments. Georgetown tied for first place at the Quinnipiac University Criminal Justice Advocacy Competition and was a quarter-finalist at the Sixth Annual National Pre-Trial Competition hosted by Stetson University. Gerogetown teams also turned in strong performances at the San Diego Defense Lawyers Mock Trial Competition and the Kelly Trial Advocacy Competition hosted by Fordham. Trial Advocacy Director Noel Miller (3L) won an individual award for best closing argument at Quinnipiac and newcomer Beth Lipman (2L) won for best opening statement at the Kelly Competition.

Barristers' Council Competition History

All three divisions of Barristers' Council have long histories of competitive success. Barristers' Members routinely win or place at the most prestigious moot court, trial advocacy, and ADR competitions in the United States and around the world.

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