Room Rates

Please note: Room rates are pending confirmation. The rate listed here is the proposed rate. Final confirmation will be available before summer housing applications open.

Room rates INCLUDE the 14.5% Washington, DC Hotel tax.

Gewirz Summer 2018 Rates
Single Efficiency $614.00
Single Efficiency - Updated $649.00
2 Bedroom Efficiency$435.00
2 Bedroom Efficiency - Updated
2 Bedroom Apartment $475.00
2 Bedroom Apartment - Updated $486.00
3 Bedroom Efficiency  $366.00
3 Bedroom Efficiency - Updated $402.00 


Apartments on the EAST side of the Gewirz Student Center face the Tower Green or Sport and Fitness Center. Apartments on the WEST side of the Gewirz Student Center face I-395 and the ongoing Capitol Crossing construction project. 

*Gewirz summer housing costs are based on a weekly rate, from Saturday to Saturday. Rates are not pro-rated by day.

A minimum stay of 6 weeks is required. If you would like to stay in Gewirz for less than six weeks, you may do so but you will be charged for a 6-week stay. Exceptions are available for registered camp and conference groups and for designated Georgetown Law student populations, at an elevated weekly rate. Please contact the Office of Residence Life for the weekly rates and apartment availability for groups staying less than six weeks.

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