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Mission Statement

In the Jesuit tradition of "care for the whole person,"  Georgetown's campus ministers continue a centuries-old tradition of  providing pastoral care for students, faculty, and staff. As the  nation's oldest Catholic University, Georgetown not only ministers to  Catholics, but also to all students. Georgetown's Campus Ministry  challenges its students, faculty, and staff to exercise their spirit, as  well as their body, heart, and intellect.

Our Chaplains and Staff

Name Phone Email

Rev. Paul Rourke, S.J.
Law Center Campus Ministry Director,
Catholic Chaplain

(202) 662-9296

Michael Goldman, Esq.
Jewish Chaplain

(202) 662-9297

Rev. Brandon Harris
Protestant Chaplain


Imam Yahya Hendi
Muslim Chaplain


Mary Novak
Associate Director for Ignatian Formation


Sacred Spaces

Chapel of Repose
Rothschild Kosher Kitchen
St. Thomas More Chapel

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Interested in being a Jesuit?

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For more information email Rev. Paul Rourke, S.J.

Prayer/Worship Services

Catholic Services
Jewish Prayer & Study
Muslim Prayer
Protestant Worship

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