Information for First Year Students

Program Overview

All first year J.D. students are assigned to a small Peer Advisor group within their first year section.  Each student is contacted individually by their Peer Advisor in the summer preceding J.D. Orientation.  Peer Advisors are excellent resources of information about life in the law school from navigating academic courses, identifying campus resources, forming social and professional relationships and in creating some balance between law school, career development, and personal life.

First year students are assigned a primary Peer Advisor that will contact them regularly, however all Peer Advisors are available for contact by any first year student. 

What to Expect from the Peer Advisor Program

  • Welcome email and continuing summer correspondence from your assigned Peer Advisor
  • Invitation to join the Peer Advisor portal on OrgSync, the online student involvement portal.
  • J.D. Orientation: Peer Advisor group meeting and dinner, information tables and campus tours led by Peer Advisors
  • Invitation to Individual Meetings and Small Group Meet-ups with Peer Advisor for coffee or fro-yo
  • Weekly Emails from Peer Advisor
  • Peer Advisor Group programs and Cross-section programs
  • Invitation to Alumni Receptions by Section from the Office of Alumni Affairs (Fall Semester)
  • Invitation to Week-One Program by Office of the Dean of Students and affiliate offices, Peer Advisors & Alumni Mentors, and Resident Fellows (Spring Semester)

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