Peer Advisor Program

The first year of law school is filled with new experiences and is a time of transition. In order to support and aid in this transition, the Peer Advisor Program provides each J.D. student with an upper-class mentor in a small grouping within each section. Peer Advisors partner with the Office of the Dean of Students and Office of Student Life to help first year students acclimate to law school.

Primary program goalsadmissionsphoto

  • Support first year JD students as they transition to law school.
  • Help them navigate and maximize the numerous opportunities and resources available at Georgetown Law.
  • Foster community and camaraderie within and across the first year sections and throughout the Law Center community.

Interested in serving for the 2018-2019 academic year? Apply to be a Peer Advisor.

"The Peer Advisors helped me realize that it was normal to have more questions than answers. They gave me advice and told me what I could expect in the coming months. Most importantly, they told me that over the next year I would hear a spectrum of different advice about conquering law school, but that I needed to decide what would work best for me.”

– First Year Student

“My Peer Advisor has been extremely helpful in getting me adjusted to life at Georgetown…I have always felt as though I have somewhere to turn should I need it. 1L year can be an extremely stressful and lonely experience and just knowing that there is someone who is available, who understands the pressures of law school, and who genuinely cares was just the comfort I needed at times.”

– First Year Student

Being a part-time student presents a unique challenge with respect to becoming a part of the Law Center community and I found that the Peer Advisors did a great deal to enable 1Es to do so. Peer Advisors I’ve interacted with have been instrumental in helping me and my classmates get to know each other, get to know the Law Center, and to take advantage of the opportunities offered to us as students at Georgetown Law.”

– First Year Evening Student

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