Closed Caption Assistance

IST, through its AV team, currently offers live and archived webcast services through YouTube and Facebook that are often linked to the Law Center’s website. To remain compliant with close captioned accessibility requirements, all audio and video recordings of special events featured or accessible from the Georgetown Law public website are required to have captions. The AV team does not have the bandwidth or funding to provide close caption support to all the events it records. For this reason, special event and other requestors will be responsible for the cost of such support by an outside vendor for all their recorded events (and live webcasts, if applicable).

Please review the caption service providers below to better understand the cost of your request. For archive audio and video, the AV team will provide your content to the captioning provider and a caption text file will be generated and superimposed on the video. For live webcasts, the AV team will provide the webcast link to the vendor. For those of you that use EMS to submit your event recording/webcast request, there’s now space to provide your cost center details for the vendor charge. Otherwise, please include your cost center information in your email to the Service Desk for all other requests. In the absence of a cost center, the AV team will not be able to release the video for publication or perform the live webcast for you.

Transcription services: Rev
For live transcription: VITAC

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