General Office Support

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Ordering Office Supplies

Faculty Support maintains a supply of basic office needs such as:

  • pens, pencils, markers
  • note pads
  • tape and tape dispensers
  • staples and staplers
  • Post-It notes
  • binder clips
  • paper clips
  • White-Out
  • push pins
  • Avery labels (limited assortment)
  • standard toner and printer cartridges (limited supply)

Faculty may special order office supplies through their faculty assistant or by contacting the Faculty Support office, McDonough Hall Room 475. We use Staples, the University's preferred vendor. 

Mail Services

Mailing services are available for all Law Center business. The mail room, located at 600 New Jersey Avenue, across from the parking booth, handles all United States Postal Service mail, assists in sending overnight packages by UPS and Federal Express, and sends packages to Main Campus via courier. The mail room also receives, sorts, and delivers all incoming mail, newspapers, and packages to the departments and faculty twice daily. We ask that you not send non-business/personal mail to the Law Center.  The mail room can be reached at 202-662-9279.

Sending Mail and Packages

The mail room provides services for outgoing Law Center business mail. Georgetown University Business Policies prevent us from offering these services for personal use by faculty, staff, and students.

U.S. Postal Service:

The mail room provides regular U.S. mail services including certified, insured, express, and priority mail. International mailing is also available via International Express, Global Priority, and Recorded Delivery.

Federal Express (FedEx):

The mail room will assist in sending packages via FedEx. FedEx provides priority overnight (next morning, select locations) and standard overnight (by afternoon next day) as well as second day, ground, and international services. In addition, there is a FedEx drop box just outside of the 2nd Street entrance to McDonough Hall; packages are picked up from this box Monday-Friday at 7:00 PM (excluding holidays).  Please visit for more information.

Courier Services:

Pick-up times from McDonough Hall Room 475 for courier service to the Main Campus and Wisconsin Avenue office are:

  • 11:00 a.m.
  • 2:00 p.m.

The courier also delivers campus mail to Hoya Station which then delivers to points on the Main Campus. Courier forms are located in Faculty Support, McDonough Hall Room 475. Be sure to indicate whether you are requesting delivery or pick-up before leaving the completed form in the courier mail bin.

Phone & Fax Services

  • Law Center Campus Calls: Dial the last four digits of the number from any campus phone.
  • Main Campus Calls: Dial 8 + 687 + the number.
  • Local Calls: Dial 8 + the number
  • Long Distance Calls: Dial 8 + 1 + area code + the number (you will hear three beeps) + your long distance code.

There is a main Faculty Support fax machine located in McDonough Hall Room 475. The fax number for this machine is 202-662-9444.

Xerox Copy Center

The copy center provides a wide range of services including:

  • Black & white printing
  • Color printing
  • GBC and tape binding
  • Brochures
  • High speed printing

Self service walk-up machines are available at several locations around campus. These machines are capable of copying, printing, and scanning documents. Problems with these machines should be reported to or by calling 202-687-4949.

Faculty are typically set up by IST to print at the desktop printer located at their assistant's desk. Additionally, faculty members may request to have their computer mapped to print directly to the high-speed Xerox machine nearest their office, this is helpful when printing large documents or multiple copies. To request this service please e-mail George Belton with your request and include your name, phone number, and office number. These Xerox printers are capable of printing stapled, collated, hole-punched, and double-sided copies.

Furnishings, Moving, and Storage

Attempts have been made to create a thoughtful, methodical approach to purchasing new and replacing old furnishings. Needs are prioritized and furnishings purchased as funding becomes available. Resources are spread among areas used by students, faculty, and staff through the prioritizing process. Requests for new furniture are heard annually by the Finance Committee, which sets the budget for each year. For further information, faculty may contact Monica Stearns (x9097) and all other departments my contact Angie Villarreal (x6585).  

Space planning is done with the direction of the Dean in consultation with the Associate Deans and the department requesting the change. Considerations for furniture changes, alterations, and additional space possibilities are analyzed carefully with the needs of the whole Law Center kept in mind.

Moving services are available as needed to reduce the time-consuming and disruptive activities associated with changing offices. Professional moving services handle the larger moving projects, while facilities management staff members handle the smaller moving assignments. Moves completed by facilities management are typically scheduled for Fridays. Effective planning and execution will result in minimal down time, disruptions in schedules, and damage to office furnishings.

Every effort is made to provide faculty with modest, safe, and convenient file storage. Space constraints require that we limit storage to 10 banker boxes or the equivalent volume. Requests should be coordinated through Monica Stearns (x9097) or Angie Villarreal (x6585).

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